Shawn Steward

  1. Vintage Street

    Design challenge was to go against the technology stereotypes of cold, laser cut designs and give product a vintage inspired and l…

  2. Create A Colorful Classic

    Top selling product of the line and a slew of imitations from the competition, one year later.

  3. Ahead of Its Time

    First to market with a cutting edge take on serious classics.

  4. Big N Bold

    Big n Bold color taken to the next level season after season created custom looks – Big Hits!

  5. Branding Direction

    Working with top typographers around the world – I created custom looks for garments, accessories and graphic tees.

  6. Capsule Collection

    Pendleton Woolen Mills + Bonfire Snowboarding Company

  7. Custom Classics

    Go-to-market teams made this program fly off the shelves.

  8. Engineered Insulation

    The challenge was to design men’s garments with high warmth levels for backcountry use

  9. Fit Engineering

    Keeping ahead of the trends in the outdoor market was simple – make things fit with a slight tweak for style. Not too big, not t…

  10. Fully Featured

    I always consider the end use of product I’m designing – Ventilation? Warmth? Helmet? Mittens? Pockets needed?

  11. Garments That Work

    The last thing you want to think of when you are in the outdoors is your jacket or pant. I work with avid end users to design the…

  12. Layering Love

    Baselayer and midlayer are important to keeping body temperature level. I have designed different levels of layering for aerobic a…

  13. Print Direction

    I’ve created compelling, cohesive textile print and graphic direction for over 10 years. I have worked with artists in LA, San F…

  14. Technical Textiles

    3Layer, 2Layer, 2.5Layer are just a few of the many fabrics I’ve designed and developed over the years

  15. The Whole Package

    Jackets, Pants, Beanies, Backpacks, Boot Bags, Balaclavas, Belts, Layering, Socks, Gloves, Mittens, Hoodies, Tees, Button-ups, Den…